Familiengeflüster · 03. November 2018
Es gibt diese Tage, die einem gerade heruntergerollten Teller gleichen. Noch nicht wirklich in Scherben zerfallen, aber auch nicht mehr richtig ganz.

Familiengeflüster · 25. Oktober 2018
Weihnachtsplätzchen in Oktober und dazu wunderbar illustrierte Karten für die Lieben!

Zitate II Quotes · 11. Juli 2017
It’s beginning to look a lot like holidays. I feel adventurous, just like the guy in my print. Meet me in the forest.

Zitate II Quotes · 10. Juli 2017
I love unicorns in all shapes and sizes. I like to look at them and it's great fun to draw them.

Familiengeflüster · 09. Juli 2017
on some weekends I just want to stay in bed as long as possible. but today I feel adventurous like these two from my illustration.

Familiengeflüster · 03. Juli 2017
it's monday and the sun is out again after a long and rainy weekend. i think mondays are not so bad after all.

Zitate II Quotes · 02. Juli 2017
this motiv is from last years calender and I think it illustrates the subject pretty well.

01. Juli 2017
I’m doing some new illustrations, while tim is working on a cutting board in our workshop. love these lazy weekends.

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